• Alexandrite, Nature’s magic trick with a colour change gem. It appears to be green in the sunlight, blueish green in fluorescent light and purplish-red in the incandescent light. 
    • This gem is a variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl.
    • Alexandrite is a very rare gemstone named after the Russian tsar Alexander II (1818-1881). 
    • The very first crystals were said to have been discovered in April 1834 in the emerald mines near the Tokovaya River in the Urals.
    • Now most alexandrite comes from Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil.
    • Alexandrite is the Birthstone for June. It is also the gem for the 55th Anniversary.
    • This gem is known to help balance one's emotional state and self-esteem. It also helps brings happiness and success.
    • Because of its durability, it can be elegantly worn as a pendant and a ring.

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  1. Alexandrite Chrysoberyl 10.19 Carat
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