• In 1783, Mineralogist Jean Baptiste Louis Rome de Lisle identified the difference between the rubies and spinel minerals. 
  • The Spinel gemstones range in a variety of colours such as pink, blue, purple and black, with the reds (flame spinel) being the most famous amongst them all.
  • Spinel have been discovered from the marbles of Lục Yên District (Vietnam), Mahenge and Matombo (Tanzania), Tsavo (Kenya) and in the gravels of Tunduru (Tanzania) and Ilakaka (Madagascar).
  • The famous 14th century Black Prince’s Ruby in the British Imperial Crown features a red spinel and not a ruby. 
  • Spinel is the Birthstone for August. It is also the gem for the 22nd Anniversary and 65th Anniversary (Blue Spinel).
  • Spinel gemstones are used to set aside egos and become devoted to another person. It is said to be a stone that encourages great passion and builds physical energy.

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  1. Spinel Recerse Pair Cushions 1.31 / 1.27 cts fspin 31/32
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