• The blue-violet gemstone was first revealed to the world by Tiffany & Co. half a century ago (1967) and still dazzles today. Fifty years ago, Tiffany & Co. introduced a new gemstone to the world. Described as “the loveliest blue gemstone discovered in over 2,000 years”, the violet-hued tanzanite was not only exceedingly rare, but also immensely beautiful. The purplish blue variety, part of the species Zoisite is called Tanzanite. With a close resemblance to a sapphire, Tanzanite’s have a tint of violet that adds all the charm. Because of its durable nature, Tanzanite’s can be worn as rings, earrings and even as pendants. Popularized after Kate Winslet carried off a beautiful heart shaped Tanzanite pendant on the iconic Titanic, this gemstone has stolen the hearts of women worldwide. With a grading system that is specific to this gem, these attractive gems are mined only in the Merelani mines in Tanzania. 
  • Tanzanites are famous gems as a Birthstone for December. It is also the gem for a 24th Wedding Anniversary.
  • Tanzanite brings equanimity, assists in moving forward with confidence and sense of direction, stimulates our psychic powers and can help get rid any bad energy like karma.
  • Physically, Tanzanites alleviates the skin and can be used to treat various disorders.

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