The first green tourmalines were discovered by Dutch traders in Italy (Late 1600’s, early 1700’s). The name tourmaline derives from the Sinhalese term “Turmali” and was given to all coloured crystals on the island of Sri Lanka at that time. The Tourmaline gemstones are classified as a semi-precious stone and are found in a wide variety of dazzling rainbow colours ranging from reds to pinks and peach colours, strong greens to yellows and blues and even with two shades like a watermelon (pink and green).
Tourmalines are renowned gems as a Birthstone for October. It is also the gem for an 8th Anniversary.
These beautiful gems with can be worn as rings, earrings, set on bracelets and even as pendants because of its hardness and durability.
Tourmalines are credited to enhance self-confidence, strengthen psychic energies and neutralize negative energies. They also aid in concentration and communication. 
Tourmalines are also believed to smooth relaxers to the body and the mind.

Gemworld Limited has a beautiful collection of designs featuring the Tourmaline gemstones!
If you would like something in particular and don’t see it on our site please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we may have it in our offices abroad.

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