Our Bespoke jewelry design service allow you the customer to design your own unique piece of jewelry designed especially for you.

It may be the case you have seen a picture of a ring you like, you have an idea in your head or you would like features from two different rings joined together.

If this is the case our bespoke design service is perfect for you.


We will work with you to understand and get an idea of what you are looking to create.

This may involve working together to create sketches, showing us images, or just having a conversation about your ideas.

We can work with you on ideas within a specific budget if necessary.


Once we have agreed on the ideas about your chosen design, our professional design team will create your model using our CAD (computer aided design) software.

From this we will be able to create a full 3d design of your item. This process usually takes around 3 working days.

Once you have received your design, we will discuss any alteration you require before we finaliseyour design for approval.


Once you are 100% happy with your design, we will move onto our manufacturing department where your design will be hand crafted by one of our expert master jewelers.

If you would like to create a bespoke design please email us at and we will  contact with you to discuss your requirements.

Please include as much information as possible including any images, website links, diamond specification and metal choice. If you do not have any of this information don’t worry, we can go through it at a later date.