• Spessartite gems is a variety belonging to Garnet family. Famous deposits of this gemstone are found in Nigeria and East Africa.
  • A natural spessartite gem has an orange colour. This gem material is very difficult to find.
  •  A reddish-orange form of spessartite is known as Malaya Garnet (The name “Malaya” comes from the Kiswahili language meaning prostitute 
  • because it used to come in parcels of Rhodolite garnet and used to be rejected). 
  • Now it stands alone as its own variety of garnet), a bright orange-red form of spessartite is known as Mandarin Garnet, 
  • a light orange-yellow form of spessartite is known as Tangerine Garnet (usually found in Mozambique and Namibia).
  • Spessartite can be elegantly worn as earrings, rings or pedants.
  • Spessartite is the Birthstone for January. It is also the gem for the 2nd Anniversary.
  • These gems are known to be an energizing stone and is worn for Goodluck.

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