• Mineral specimens (crystals) are natural occurring elements. Every mineral crystallises in a different system and it is very rare to find an undamaged mineral specimen.
    • Thus, they have been collected over thousands of years, since they were discovered by our ancestors. 
    • These specimens became popular during the Victorian age by queens, kings and sovereigns across Europe.
    • European cities have a natural history museum whereby they keep their mineral collection. 
    • One of them being the British artist and write; John Ruskin (1821-1910) who maintained a huge mineral collection.
    • Across Europe and the U.S, these there are shows that display these beautiful mineral specimens. 
    • Most of the well-known collectibles are displayed at the shows in places like Denver, Munich and Tucson.

    • If you looking to start a collection or add these precious crystals to your current collection, 
    • Gemworld Limited has a gorgeous collection for you to choose from! 
    • You could email us if you have anything in particular.
    • If you would like something in particular and don’t see it on our site please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we may have it in our offices abroad.

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