• Emeralds gems were first mined in Egypt around 1500 BC and was discovered in South America in the 16th century by the Spanish. 
  • The Spanish traded the emerald gems across Europe and Asia in exchange for precious metals.  
  • Later in 1997, the emerald gems were discovered in North America.
  • The main producing source of Emeralds is Colombia and Zambia.  
  • These beautiful green emeralds were one of Cleopatra’s favourite stones. Emerald gemstones were also a part of the crown jewels in India, Iran, and Russia.
  • Emerald is the Birthstone of May. It is also the gem for the 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversary.
  • Emerald is recognised as the “stone of successful love’, enhancing unconditional love and unity. In addition, it brings in positive vibes and eliminates negativity.
  • These vibrant green gems make the perfect match on a jewellery piece.

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