• Ever since the ancient times, Diamonds have been used as decorative gems! They are the most valuable gems in the market till to date. These gems are most precious gems!
    • Diamonds are known to be the hardest and durable colourless gems amongst all the variety of gems in the world. These gems are graded upon the 4 ‘C’s; Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat.
    • The name Diamond comes from the ancient Greek ‘adámas’ which means proper, unalterable and unbreakable. 
    • Diamonds were first discovered many centuries ago (about 6000 years ago) in India. This is where the world’s love for these gems started.
    • Since the ancient times in India, diamonds have been treasured for use as religious icons.  
    • The largest cut diamond in the world is called the “Cullinan”, weighing in at 530.20 carats.
    • Diamonds is the Birthstone for April. It is also the gem for the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries.
    • Diamonds are said to be stunning gems that favour richness and success. In addition, the attract strength, power, courage and a sense of self-respect. 
    • They are also believed to eliminate negativity and fill oneself with love.

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