• Natural Blue Topaz was said to be very rare and expensive as a result it was seldom seen in jewellery. Today’s blue topaz is a product of gem treatment. 
  • There are two varieties of the treated blue topaz, known as the “Swiss Blue” and the “London Blue” topaz. 
  • The Swiss blue topaz is a bright blue tone topaz while the London blue topaz dark blue tone topaz.
  • These two shades of blue give jewellery buyers a choice of two blue colours. The London blue topaz slightly more expensive than Swiss Blue topaz.
  • Blue Topaz is the Birthstone for December. It is also the gem for the 4th Anniversary.
  • This beautiful gem is the jewel of love and loyalty. It represents romance and friendship. 
  • These precious gems are known to have been worn by lawyers, miners and coal merchants as they were affordable and a cheaper substitute to the Blue Sapphires.
  • The Blue Topaz stands out elegantly when it is set on a ring, a pendant and earrings. 

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